The truth about coronavirus

October 18, 2019. A New York City hotel is holding a pandemic drill which is supposed to educate the world leaders on what to do if such a situation arose in real life. You can check out the full list of participants here - for now, just note that it contained people both from the USA and China. The highlight video of the event mentions stuff such as:

Literally everything stated in the video has later happened in the real world. But the single piece of evidence that seals the deal is the fact that they mentioned a novel coronavirus right at the start - instead of any one of the hundreds other possible infections. How could they have known, if this wasn't planned in advance? They said that this wasn't a prediction and that the simulation was based on SARS (also a coronavirus) - but again, why not any of the other possible infections? And why did they get everything else right? These vermin have engineered this so-called pandemic and now - by saying it's a coincidence, lol - are mocking us right into our faces.

How dangerous is the new coronavirus?

On February 11, the amount of worldwide cases was 45134. Of course, that wasn't enough for the scaremongers so they started including clinically diagnosed cases, which means they used symptoms, instead of actual testing - adding 15152 cases in one day. That's much better for our super serious pandemic. Even if we let that slide - the statistics can't be relied upon since the tests are only 20% accurate:

When the infection rate of the close contacts and the sensitivity and specificity of reported results were taken as the point estimates, the positive predictive value of the active screening was only 19.67%

This means that - out of five people tested positive for the novel coronavirus - only one of them actually has it. This was a slam-dunk that we already knew back in February 2020, before the WHO even declared a pandemic. But the insanity doesn't stop here. Some people have blamed China for bad testing or faking, so let's check out how the German-developed WHO test performs instead:

To show that the assays will detect other bat-associated SARS-related viruses, we tested bat-derived fecal samples available from Drexler et al., (3) und Muth et al., (4) using the novel assays [...] All samples were successfully tested positive by the E gene assay.

See? The test is not specific for COVID-19. So, if you had some other bat virus, you might also test positive for nCov. Viruses mutate all the time and there's lots of undiscovered ones - who knows how many of those would trigger the test? Practical examples show that testing is worthless:

Four medical professionals with COVID-19 who met the criteria for hospital release or lifting of quarantine in China had positive real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) results 5 to 13 days later, according to a research letter published yesterday in JAMA.

Analyzing contagion

What would you guess is the probability of catching the virus if you live with someone who already has it? According to the media hype, you'd think it's pretty much a certainty. And yet the WHO's report tells a different story:

preliminary studies ongoing in Guangdong estimate the secondary attack rate in households ranges from 3-10%

What about non-family specific close contacts?

As of 17 February, in Shenzhen City, among 2842 identified close contacts, 2842 (100%) were traced and 2240 (72%) have completed medical observation. Among the close contacts, 88 (2.8%) were found to be infected with COVID-19. As of 17 February, in Sichuan Province, among 25493 identified close contacts, 25347 (99%) were traced and 23178 (91%) have completed medical observation. Among the close contacts, 0.9% were found to be infected with COVID-19. As of 20 February, in Guangdong Province, among 9939 identified close contacts, 9939 (100%) were traced and 7765 (78%) have completed medical observation. Among the close contacts, 479 (4.8%) were found to be infected with COVID-19.

So, 38274 people - who were all in close contact with someone infected - were tested in three different locations, and the overall rate of contagion was a puny 3.1%. To better visualise this: imagine a corona-infected person shaking hands with 100 different people - only 3 of them will catch the virus. Of course, the types and durations of "close contacts" will be different, but you can expect the average contagion rate to be about 3%.

Summarizing: 350 people were traveling from Wuhan to Toronto; one of them was positive for corona (confirmed through 2 different tests, each repeated twice). The flight lasted 15 hours, and despite there being 25 close contacts with the infected person, not one of them caught the virus. UPDATE: found another very well done study arhive which supports low contagion. What the authors did was trace the close contacts of the 100 corona-infected people, locked them up after the last time they've met up during the study period, and checked if they got sick. What were the results?

Amazing - the killer virus can't even muster enough strength to infect 1 person per 100. Anyway - for honesty's sake - the study mostly tested only the people who actually got symptoms. But if the killer virus is sitting in your body harmlessly, what's the problem? Shouldn't the point be to avoid disease instead of a label? However, they did test even some asymptomatic people: For high-risk populations, including household and hospital contacts, RT-PCR was performed regardless of symptoms.

Enjoy your Police Surveillance State!

Vaccine Passports. There has been talk of this to happen for the whole two years this scheme has been going on. Now it has finally happened. But are you really surprised? If any of you agree to this, you have willingly given away your freedom. You are nothing more than a slave, doing what someone tells you. Never making your own decisions. We didn't have to use these for 4 months, and now suddenly they're required? Still doesn't make logical sense. How can one stand in line for hours, but the moment they sit down, they could get someone sick? How can someone work for 8 hours in close proximity with a number of people, and not need the vaccine? Maybe because the damn thing isn't as deadly as they'd like you to believe? Sounds like hocus pocus to me. Extremely stupid, boisterous, highly illogical, and obviously not based on how an infection works.